Solutions for large printing enterprises

Learn more about Key2Print dropshipping plugin for Shopify and WooCommerce. Many exciting functionalities are waiting for you! 

Key2Print drosphipping plugin for Shopify and WooCommerce

A tool for selling your printer’s high quality products through two of the most globally popular platforms!

An extended version of Web-to-Print price calculator

This solution is ment for large printing enterprises and has 2 ways of use (INTERNAL & EXTERNAL)


A plugin allowing you to implement an e-commerce for your own purposes


With its help you’ll be able to test new products and business conceptions.

A plugin allowing your resellers to sell your products under their label for variety of businesses


Your product database is available for resellers as a plugin to WordPress or Shopify, which means that your resellers can offer your products on globaly popular e-commerce platforms.

Want to improve your web-to-print? Or maybe grow your resellers network? Start  growing your business on every way you want!

How does it work externaly

Our company provides a service of connecting our plugin to your environment


Export your pricing

  • With the use of API
  • Based on CSV file
  • Based on Excel spreadsheets

Pricing uploaded on Shopify or WooCommerce plugin

Order sent directly to your production system (MIS/ERP)

Functionalities of e-commerce software

access to all of your product categories

ability to calculate millions of  product configurations

product configurations calculating in 0.3 second

order placement in print house with one click

ability for a merchant to add promotions and discount vouchers to chosen items

storing order history, customer lists, products in stock

ability to add all available Shopify features

setting preferable payment methods

Benefits for your merchants

simple to adapt

The plugin is simple to install on open platforms


Plugin ensures complete self-service, without the need to involve departments from the print house

big support community

There are plenty of available plugins supporting sales and wide support community

Benefits for your print house

more merchants

Plugin can be your new source of merchants for cooperation

simple to adapt

Installing the plugin means signing up for a very simple implementation of the white label model

no budget strains

There are relatively low costs of technology implementation

utilizing your data base

 Plugin integrates with your existing pricing lists and order collection systems