Plugin for commercial printing


Looking for a tool enabling your print house to offer printed products in millions of configurations? This plugin will provide you with seamless product price calculation on the basis of chosen attributes.


How does it work?

It’s simple!

The plugin installed on your Shopify dashboard connects your e-commerce store to the product configurator and calculator. This way your customers from all around the world get an access to the tool, in which they can configure chosen items from your shop on millions of ways and see the final product price in less than a second.

When your customers choose a product in a specific configuration, they upload the artwork they want to add to the item and place an order. You receive these orders and at this point plugin automatically connects with your print house. Therefore, all you need to do is with one click forward orders for production.

Overcome Shopify limitations

Get an access to millions of product configurations

The standard of Shopify is to possess 50 product configurations for one SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). However, it is quite a limitation for print industry that usually has thousands of configurations for one SKU. We decided to create a solution for that problem by implementing an excel-based calculator that allows you to calculate millions of configurations without any limitations!

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