Excel-based product configurations

Broaden your possibilities with excel-based pricelists

Excel-based product configurations

  • full flexibility in creating final product prices
  • listing predefined parameters (for example sizes) or customer options to be entered with a finger/input
  • configuring delivery prices for standard and large formats
  • level of price lists complexity fully dependent on you – you can create very simple formulas or advanced ones counting for ex. customer based discounts
  • simple implementation – to generate excel-based price lists you just have to prepare product parameters, then generate an excel template, supplement it with the appropriate formulas and in the end load it into the system. 
  • the functionality of quick excel-based price calculation is ideal for large format, brochures, books and complex applications – it saves time drastically!

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Exemplary product feature categories

  • finished size
  • number of sides/pages
  • colour mode
  • material
  • finishing
  • side for finishing
  • finishing effect
  • runsize, delivery time